We represent exclusively in Crete company Carestream Health, where continuing and enhancing the experience of the company Kodak, represent a century's Innovation, as well as an exciting future for customers who require the aid of human-nature of the medical care provided by the introduction of a framework high-tech imaging solutions, with faster and more efficient workflow and parallel reduction of economic costs.
Today we provide top services and systems for recording, editing, review, transfer, distribution, printing and archiving images for diagnostic applications:


     -Digital Imaging Systems CR and DR
     -PACS Systems and Standalone Workstations
     -Laser Cameras
     -Imaging consumable material


The breadth of application, the smooth operation and high-quality products and systems that offer guaranteed independent international certificates such as ISO and CE. The reliability, leadership and innovation of our company in conjunction with the continuous technical support and training we provide to our customers, guaranteeing the full satisfaction of our customers.